Permanent or removable bed and body formats to match your work-style preference


Straight Side Truck Body
-7'long non-removable bed/body
-Fully component designed interiors add flexibility and value

Straight Side Truck Body
-Custom interior with tool mounting option
-Swing-out arms and slides

Tapered Side Truck Body
-Removable bed/body and sits on flat bed
-Bi-fold doors for use in narrow barn aisles

Tapered Side Truck Body
-7' long removable bed/body
-Under body boxes and custom interior
-Bi-fold side doo
-Acts as a farrier's stand-alone workspace for previous owned truck bed

Long Tapered Body
-Optional shoe rack
-LP tank storage
-Anvil arm/swivel
-Storage cabinet

Tapered Side Truck Body
-8' unibody with custom interior
-Popular bi-fold door assists with narrow barn aisle usage

Tapered Side Truck Body
-Side view -- interior shoe pantry and roll-out drawers
-Compact corral for shoeing box

Option for the 10'5" or Longer Straight Side Body:
-Shoe pantry for truck body
-60' of hanging shoe rack space available
-Allows room for ban saw, slide for cutting pads and stacking pads

Tapered Side Truck Body
-Optional 6 hole pad rack

Tapered Side Truck Body
-SomerSong Forge arm/rest
-Unique and adjustable size forge arm
-Road position lock and rest capability

Tapered Side Truck Body
-Pre-installed electrical outlets and sockets for power tools

Benefits to owning a SomerSong Truck Body System:

Efficiency and safety are our standard features. 
Our products are made one at a time and customized just for you. 
Since you're in business to make a profit, here are the benefits of our truck body systems:
-Truck bodies are "component designed" with total flexibility as the added value
-A complete tax deduction for your business
-Truck bodies have a 15 - 20 year lifespan
-Purchase includes a 5-year written warranty
-Order lead-time is typically 6 - 8 weeks
-All truck bodies are made in the U.S.A
-Deliveries are full load or direct haul
-Freight is nationwide
-Tool mounting services are available upon request
-Truck bodies maintain their resale value
-Shop install recommended
-Spend a shop day with us and finish your new interior

We have 35-years experience to assist you in your farrier work.

Email us for additional information at ssforge@somtel.net or call us at 715/247-3488.


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